Qigong and Longevity is brought to you by the Institute for Classical Asian Medicine and Dr. Henry McCann, licensed acupuncturist and doctor of Asian traditional medicine. The Institute for Classical Asian Medicine was formed primarily to teach advanced courses in traditional medicine to licensed health care practitioners.

Dr. McCann first became involved in traditional medicine after practicing martial arts and Qigong from early childhood. His profound positive experiences and dedication to these arts inspired the development of this website so that more people can read about health options not commonly offered in mainstream medicine. Click here to read more about Dr. McCann.


Other Contributors

Lama Rangbar Nyimai Özer

Lama Rangbar is President and Founder of Bodhivastu Foundation for Enlightened Activity, and is a Mantra lineage holder trained in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition over the past 30 years. Recognized by Tsewang Ngodrup Rinpoche as the single activity emanation of Tulku Chimed Yugyal, the ritual meditation master of Rangnang Ogmin Ling Dzogchen Monastery in Kham Tibet, he exemplifies the transfer of Eastern Wisdom to Western mind. His teachings are always fresh and up to date yet solidly based on the authenticity of the ancient school (Nyingmapa) tradition.