Longevity Practices

General Health and Longevity Practices

The pursuit for good health and longevity are as old as humankind. In Asian, and particularly in China, these practices were refined to high levels. In some historic dynasties of Imperial China, the highest paid member of the Emperor's staff was not his military advisers, or his political advisors - it was the court dietician who was charged with the health of Imperial household. 

One of the key teachings of Chinese medicine is the thoroughly integrated nature of humans and nature, and the healing power of nature was highly revered. Therefore, other longevity teachings explored the link between our human lives and the transformations of the natural world, and how we can best live in harmony with them. Together these practices are known in Chinese as "nourishing life" arts, or Yang Sheng 養生 / 养生.


General Articles on Yang Sheng


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Asian Approaches to Mental Wellness and Healing


Videos About Longevity Practices

Cui Jiechen, a famous Taiwanese centenarian, explaining his practices for long life done daily in the morning before leaving bed. In Chinese.

Videos Related to Mental Wellness and Healing

An insightful and poetic look at the issue of mindfulness, self-focused attention and the importance of using our attention skillfully to engage in the world. Based on Japanese Psychology, and the work of Gregg Krech at the ToDo Institute in Vermont. For more information please go to www.todoinstitute.org.