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Qigong 氣功 is a term that represents a wide variety of practices. Most, however, rely on integrating body, breath and intention which is traditionally referred to as the "Three Regulations" - Tiao Shen 調身 (Regulating the Body), Tiao Xi 調息 (Regulating the Breath), and Tiao Xin 調心 (Regulating the Heart, i.e., mind).

The term Qigong is actually a modern one, stemming from the second half of the 20th century. It was coined to bring together a wide range of classical practices such as dao yin 導引 (literally pulling and stretching), nei dan 內丹 (inner alchemy), wai dan 外丹 (outer alchemy), zhan zhuang 站樁 (post standing), or chan si gong 纏絲功 (silk reeling).


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This is the Discovering Qigong full video produced by the National Qigong Association, teaching the Five Treasures Qigong set. Copyright is held by the NQA under a Creative Commons License.

Daoist Taiji Stick and Ruler Qi Gong by Master Wang Feng Ming. Taiji Stick and Ruler Qigong is a classical method of cultivation that originated with the Daoist Immortal Chen Tuan. For more information about classes or to purchase DVDs visit www.worldtaiji.com, or contact Dr. McCann (Dr. McCann is a lineage disciple of Master Wang).